WE NOW LAUNCH THE CLEANING COMPANY with Sweden's highest salary for home cleaning maids, Servia® AB. We do it simultaneously in the three largest cities in Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

The salary we offer is a full 210 kr per hour (187 kr plus 23 kr in holiday salary) plus 31.42% in social security charges, that is, a total of 276 kr per hour. (To get the approximate amounts in euros, divide the numbers by ten.)

That’s 40% higher salary than in collective agreements.

For full-time work of 40 hours per week, that means a salary of 36,083 kr per month (32,217 kr plus 3,866 kr in holiday salary) plus 31.42% in social security charges, that is, a total of 47,421 kr per month).

As far as we know, there is no other cleaning company in Sweden, or, if we take into account the full salary cost, possibly even in the world, that pays its cleaning maids better than Servia does.

It is – as far as we can see – the world's highest salary for cleaning maids.

By paying the best salary for home cleaning maids, we’re able to recruit and offer the best home cleaning maids available.

Maids who are skilled, service-minded, organized, and reliable, and who speak fluent Swedish and/or English: in short, elite maids for Swedish homes with the highest standards of quality, service, and safety.

And because we can run the business at what’s most likely the lowest premium in the industry – 42% of the salary as compared to Hemfrid's 135% – the price to clients is not higher than at the big cleaning companies.

To the contrary, it’s even somewhat lower.

The price for cleaning at Servia is always 490 kr/h including VAT, or 245 kr/h after tax reduction, regardless of where the clients live, or how frequently, how long, and which weekdays clients book their home cleaning.

That’s to compare with Hemfrid, which charges 578 kr per hour, and HomeMaid, which charges 558 kr per hour plus fees.

At Servia, we don’t have any fees at all.

The only thing clients pay is the highest salary for the best maids for the hours they work plus a minimal premium of 42% to run the business.

In fact, the whole business model can easily be shown in a single graphic image:

490 KR/H
558 KR/H
578 KR/H

If you’re currently working as a cleaner – as an employee, or through your own individual enterprise with your own clients – and you receive exceptionally good feedback from your clients, and you want to substantially increase your salary by becoming a part of Servia, you’re most welcome to apply to us.

You can work as much or as little as you want, and you can freely choose whether you want to be employed, or work as a subcontractor through your own individual enterprise or company, for 276 kr per hour plus VAT.

Not the least, we allow you to continue to work for your own clients, or the company where you are currently employed as much as you want, and as much as you want for Servia.

In other words, we don’t have any competitive clauses. We don’t need this, because we’re confident that there’s no other home cleaning company that can compete with the salary we pay.

To apply, simply fill out our basic application. It takes less than three minutes.

Since we receive so many applications for these best paid home cleaner jobs in Sweden, we kindly ask you for a small service: refrain from calling us, and instead wait for us to contact you. Because we will contact you. We read, and we answer every single application we receive – always.

If you read this as a potential client, and you’d like to know more about Servia, we invite you to call us at 0770‑16 16 16 any day, Monday to Sunday, at 8‑22, and we’ll tell you all you want to know about how it works.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Servia AB
The Best Paid Maid®